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Daddy Pete’s Pine Bark Mini-Nuggets are pieces of pine bark, approximately 1-2 1/2 square inches, manufactured from the barks of pine trees. These smaller, decorative pieces are great as a ground cover. While giving a nice rustic look to your landscape, they decompose slowly because of their size.

Mulch provides a number of benefits to the landscape. From the water conservation standpoint, mulch prevents evaporative water loss from the soil. It also prevents certain soil-borne diseases by acting as a barrier between the soil and the plant. It insulates the roots of plants from extreme heat and cold, and it reduces weed competition by blocking light and by preventing some weed seeds from germinating.

Mulched barriers around trees and structures also prevent mowers and trimmers from causing mechanical damage.

One bag covers approximately 6 sq. ft. when applied 4” deep.


  • Pine Bark Mini-Nuggets

Available Bag Sizes

2 CF

Product Uses


*Also available in bulk.

Number of Bags Per Pallet

2 CF - 50 Bags Per Pallet