*Prior to placing an order with Daddy Pete's Plant Pleaser, please be sure that your Wholesale Purchase Agreement form and a Certificate of Exemption form has been received and processed by our office and you have received your wholesale price sheet. If you have not yet completed these forms, please visit "Become a Certified Dealer".

Wholesale pricing can be obtained by completing a Wholesale Purchase Agreement and a Certificate of Exemption. Both of these forms are available here on our website, or you can call our office to have a copy of each form either faxed to you or emailed to you. Our products are sold palletized in bags, and many products are also available in bulk. Once you are approved for wholesale pricing, you can receive a price list by calling our office at 704-585-2355 or by emailing us at info@daddypetes.com.

Order Forms

Bulk Product Order Forms

Palletized Bagged Product Order Forms

Delivery/Pick-Up for Palletized Orders

When placing a palletized order to be delivered to your facility, there are three options available:

  • FULL TRUCKLOAD - 20 - 22 pallets of product (18 with a forklift)

  • SHORT TRUCKLOAD - 9-17 pallets of product

  • ROUTE TRUCKLOAD - 5-8 pallets of product

  • LTL FREIGHT - Available for 1 or more pallets of product

You may pick-up any size order at our Daddy Pete facility. All orders, whether delivered by our trucks to your facility, or picked- up by you at our facility, must be placed through the main office before a ship date or a pick-up date can be scheduled. 

Forklift Availability

A forklift is available for an additional $50.00 charge on any order.