Our Heritage

Through these many generations, farming traditions have been passed down. There have been failures and successes of ideas to create the good farming practices and products that have stood the test of time.
Daddy Pete at one time had two different farms: the present location, as well as a “bluegrass” farm in Wilkesboro, N.C. It was approximately a 25-mile drive with horse and wagon between the two locations. Daddy Pete hauled the cow manure from the current farm in Stony Point to the “bluegrass” farm in the hills of Wilkesboro. At that time, cow manure was one of the primary sources for fertilizer to the grasslands and to the crops and to Daddy Pete’s livelihood on the farm.
I personally never knew Daddy Pete, but I met him in the stories of my grandfather, Sledge. It was through these stories that I learned the true value of a product that most people would find useless. I was taught that in life the most valuable things are often right before us, sometimes disguised by an uncomely appearance. We simply need eyes to see the value in these things that we normally devalue. Something that seems to be spent or dead to one, brings life to another. Thus it is with Daddy Pete’s Cow Manure and the belief that we help you grow...
In addition to the product line that we have developed at Daddy Pete’s, I have also created a small gift book containing some of the life revelations that I have learned here on the farm and that have been passed down through our generations. There are traditions that run deep in America and that have been deposited in all of our souls. One of these traditions is our love of the earth that so many of our ancestors died to provide for us to enjoy. I believe if you find yourself reading this, it is because you are exercising that love for the soil, for gardening, and for America. Our story and our hope here at Daddy Pete Farms is that we will contribute to your experience.
— Alan Smith