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Daddy Pete’s Planting Mix helps to enhance soils back to life. This organic mix consists of Daddy Pete’s Composted Cow Manure and aged pine bark fines.

The aged pine bark fines provide air space, while the composted cow manure will help retain moisture and add natural nutrition to your soils. This organic matter will improve the humus growth of plants and trees. A properly planted tree or shrub will be more tolerant of adverse conditions and require much less management than one planted incorrectly.

This blend works best when mixed with your existing soil to plant shrubs and trees. Mix 50% of Daddy Pete’s Planting Mix with 50% of your existing soil to create a nutritional growing medium.


  • Daddy Pete's Composted Cow Manure

  • Premium Aged Pine Bark Fines

Available Bag Sizes

25 QT, 2 CF

Product Uses

Roses & Nursery Stock, Amending Soil, Trees, Shrubs

*Also available in bulk.

Number of Bags Per Pallet

25 QT - 80 Bags Per Pallet
2 CF - 45 Bags Per Pallet