Welcome to Daddy Pete’s Plant Pleaser, where our mission is to help you grow…one plant, one garden, one business at a time.

As a company we continue to build upon the foundation that our owner, Alan Smith, has established with a passion for excellence, quality you can trust, great customer service, creative product design, and a spirit of innovation.

As a North Carolina Century Farm, we are committed to building upon our rich, farming heritage of knowing and cultivating the true value of a product that most people find useless: cow manure from dairy cows. We compost it to help you plant, one garden, one farm at a time.

As craftsmen of an American heritage brand, we continuously seek ways to improve our composting process; and we also find the best materials available to mix with our composted cow manure to create a full line of products that will help you grow…one plant, one garden, one lawn at a time.

As pioneer men and women cultivating your own lawns and gardens to grow your own fruits and vegetables, we offer recipes to help you bring your harvest from your garden…to your kitchen…to your dinner table.

So let your inner farm out…jump into our website and indulge in our knowledge. Come discover farming through the eyes of Daddy Pete’s. Timeless products…unparalleled quality…our goal is to become more and more creative, so that our creativity equals your increase.